Sunday, 24 July 2016

My First 6 Star Review

This book for me is a solid 6 stars as Nicholas Sansbury Smith delivers yet again. Hell Divers unbelievably takes it another notch above his excellent Extinction Cycle series.

"Today we dive so humanity survives" sums up the premise of this book so well. The author has crafted yet another engrossing apocalyptic world in which we are plunged. It all starts with what is in my opinion the best opening chapter EVER. It slaps around the face and ensures you are paying attention and also let you know you are in for one hell of a ride.

If Hell Diver is anything to go by then this trilogy is destined to become a classic and this young author had definitely taken his place amongst the best. The second book will see if I am right and I willing to bet a Kidney it is.

6 Stars

Monday, 18 July 2016

Wickedly Good Dark Thriller

Take a once famous psychiatrist, serial killer, ice pick and a touch a lobotomy and you have the making of a wickedly good story. Oh also add a small town full of "odd" people with a wide variety of mental health issues just for a bit of extra fun. Also maybe just a tad of messiah complex as well.

Jon Bassoff impressed me with the dark tale he has placed on the pages of the Incurables. A great cast of characters all with some major issues make this book a wonderfully wicked and disturbing. I found myself flying through this book and loving every minute of it. 

4.5 Stars

Thursday, 14 July 2016

I'm Not Buying It!

How this book stayed off my Radar for so long is a complete mystery to me. This book has me in two minds. Parts of it I really enjoyed and others I felt like I was preached at.

The bits I liked tell of the US and friends manipulating and controlling other countries so easily under the guise of economic assistance. I had a small inkling of this but was astounded by the depth of their apparent schemes. As a reader you have to take a lot of what the author is saying on face as there are no other “insider” publications around to compare with.

What I did not like was authors apparent turn around and preaching about not be blind to what is going on and this soured the book for me. It was like he was trying to justify what he was apparently involved in by warning us all to be aware. Sorry I'm not buying it.
2.5 Stars

Thursday, 7 July 2016

This Read Is SO SO SO NOT Politically Correct

This book is so wrong on so many levels that it adds up to an awesome read. But be warned this book is not for the squeamish or even slightly squeamish. Tim 3 carries on the story of one of the most bizarre and sick symbiotic relationships ever.

Tim 3 continues to expand on this great series and evolves the twisted tale even further. The virus relationship goes to a whole new level with a nice feminine touch. Those not familiar with the Tim serious it gives a very different view on the Zombie Genre.

Mark Tufo takes the gloves off and lets his inner psycho loose on the pages of this book. There is nothing politically correct about what's on these pages, but that's what it is so good about it. So sit back and enjoy the ride and prepare to be grossed out, shocked and mostly importantly laugh yourself unconsciousness.   
4.5 Stars 

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

A Very Disappointing Read

I thought long and hard before giving this book only two stars. For me the cons far outweighed the pros and made for a frustrating read.

With a title like Blind Descent one would expect the lions share of the book being about the summiting and descent of Everest. This is not the case whilst I did enjoy hearing about his travel to reach Everest it took up way to much of the book for me.

My main issues with this book was the repetitive nature of some of it...yes I got he where a Navy SEAL rescue swimmer but boy did he bang on about it. Also I truly get that he loved his family and missed them but there was not a chapter that went by where it was not mentioned at least twice. The main issue I had with the read was the overt religious nature of this book it was very overpowering and to the determent to the narrative.

Having read numerous books on Mountaineering this book fell well short for me. The author’s arrogance shines through in this book and I would recommend giving it a wide berth.    
2 Stars

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

A Twisted Ride

The Damaged is a top notch Thriller/Horror that delivers a gruesome and disturbed story. Like the storm that opens the narrative this story builds up to a violent crescendo that unloads with great ferocity.

 Simon Law has that rare talent in delivering a story that actually made me wince several times. This book is truly a twisted and depraved offering that lulls you into a false sense of security. Even though this story is a late bloomer I feel the first slower part of the book is vitally important in drawing you into this book. This is one author I will watch with interest and look forward into delving into more  of his tales.

As an audiobook production I found the narrator very un-emotive in his reading. His voice whilst pleasant was very flat and it was thanks to the strength of the story that these issues where overcome. A weaker narrative would have suffered from the reading.
4 Headphones

Monday, 13 June 2016

Great Game...Not So The Book

As a devotee of the Football Manager game franchise I opened this book with much excitement. I mean the documentary on Football Manager was top rate so a book on it will be so much better, wont it?

No is the short answer. I could end the review there but what fun is that. The book had some very interesting tales from real life Managers and this I enjoyed immensely. But overall I ended up feeling like the book was more a very fancy instruction book rather than a guide. I feel I never really gained much from this book.

2.5 Stars