Tuesday, 28 July 2015

No Sir I Do Not Like It!!!

American Psycho is another book that has been on my reading list for many a year gathering dust. I have heard nothing but praise for this book; mind you a lot of this praise does come with a warning of disturbing conduct. So it was with great gusto I delved into its pages ready to be entertained and shocked.

To say I was disappointed would be putting it mildly. This book is nothing but a running commentary of all that was cool, hip and swanky during the 80’s in the upper echelon of New York Society. This was boring inane diatribe was interspersed with acts of sadistic violence that to me added nothing to the story.

I know that this was meant to be a reflection of the rampant consumerism and selfishness of this era and somehow this is reflected in Mr Batemans Sociopathic and homicidal behaviour. But I for one “DO NOT GET IT”. 

This book is already considered by many a modern day classic. But I for one am not a fan and feel that I have wasted some of my valuable reading time.

2 Stars

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

This Author Can Do No Wrong

Nicholas Sansbury Smith once again takes us on a trip to a world where mankind is on the brink of extinction, and like the books preceding it this one does not disappoint. Extinction Cycle ranks up near the top as one of my favorite series of all times right alongside his other series Orbs.

Well that's enough of my gushing about this author it’s time to take a look at what makes this series so good. Fresh is one of the first things that pop in my mind. Post-Apocalyptic novels have seen a resurgence in popular culture. I mean everyman and his dog seems to be writing about the end of the world at the moment. Into this crowded genre strode Mr. Sansbury Smith to deliver a series that grabbed me by my shirt collar from the very beginning and demanded my attention.

Extinction Age delivers another fantastic installment in which the reader is rewarded with excellent plot and character development. Add to this mix action, suspense and sheer terror and you have a cracker of a read that like Oliver has me asking, "please sir may I have some more."

5 Stars

Saturday, 11 July 2015

A Timely Read

This book gave me some great insight into ISIS on a historical and organisational level. The author uses a great array of sources to give the reader a well-researched overview.

I found the historical part of this book very engaging and the authors do a solid job in putting together all the complicated pieces in a manner that is easy to read. Another aspect of this book that I found riveting was the high level of organisation and planning that ISIS use in its campaigns. They appear to be functioning at an extremely high level and this is what is contributing to its ability to punch way above its weight. It is also a very terrifying realisation to come to.

Overall this book gives the reader a good overview of ISIS and the related issues. It is a timely book and as given me a new perspective on the subject.
3 Stars

Thursday, 2 July 2015

A Book That Makes You Work For It

Towards the Flames examines Europe's headlong plunge towards World War I from the view of Russia. This presents some new and fresh views on this much examined and analysed period of History.

It is a book though that makes you work for this information. It is written in a dry factual matter that you as the reader have to really concentrate on to take in. It is more akin to a piece of scholarly writing which may limit its audience base.

As a history buff I got a lot out of this book. As I read the last page I was overcome with a great sense of achievement and felt that my knowledge on this period of time is a lot more rounded and full. This book will best suit those who have a real thirst for history.

 From an audiobook production perspective Sean Barrett does a masterful job in bringing a bit of zest into the book. He also does a masterful job on those tricky Russian words and names.
3.5 Headphones

Sunday, 28 June 2015

A Must Read For History Buffs

This book is hands down one of the best biographies I have read. Warren Kozak has done a masterful job in creating this highly readable book on the life of Curtis Lemay.

I must say I have had this book for a while putting it on the back burners as I thought it might be a bit of heavy reading. After blowing away the cobwebs I was very quickly drawn into the life of one of the most misunderstood and maligned American Generals of the 20th Century.

I like many thought this man to be a megalomaniac hell bent on bombing the World back into the “stone ages”. What I found was a very intelligent man with great analytical minds who lead from the front and changed the face of aerial bombing for ever.

I have taken many a lesson away from this book and now have a completely different via of the man. This book is for anyone with an interest in the modern air force and is a very accessible book. In my humble opinion this book is history writing at its finest.
5 Stars

Monday, 22 June 2015

Deadly Obsession

The Lost City of Z tells a cautionary tale of obsession and the search for the fable Lost City of Z. The author does a great job of mixing the past and the here and now to deliver a spellbinding read.

I came into this book with not much knowledge on the exploration of the Amazon and was fascinated by the stories told. I had no idea about the Fawcett and the legend that had developed around him and his disappearance.

I must say that after reading about the hardships faced by those entering the Amazon it is the last placed I want to go to. So I shook my head in disbelief as the author set out to chase down the fate of Fawcett and finally find a conclusion in the deadly jungle.

The end of the book for me came a little abruptly but the revelation was staggering. Overall this book is an excellent read and the author has done a great bit of investigative writing.
3 Stars

Monday, 15 June 2015

The Master Returns

The Border sees yet another fantastic piece of writing from Robert McCammon. Once again he drops us into a post-apocalyptic world in which humankind is just surviving. Two battling alien races have all but destroyed the planet and have scant regard for those occupying it.
It is into this world we are thrown head first and it does not take long for the story to take hold of you. The character development is well balanced and does not get in the way of the tale being told. A tale that is well thought out that easily picks up and takes the reader along for the ride.

As an audiobook production I could not fault the reading. Fred Berman does a great job narrating and it made this book a very enjoyable experience.

What really stood out for me with this book was the finish. I at first did not know what to make of it, it left me feeling very perplexed. But after a couple of readings and much thought I can only say it is one the most perfect and sublimes finishes I have read.
4 Headphones